Do not touch any military debris- it may be dangerous.
If you encounter any suspicious objects: mark the area, note the location and inform the Operations room at Sennybridge Camp on Tel : 01874 635599 or main Guardroom on 01874 635570.

Range Danger Areas

Sennybridge training area is physically marked on the ground by MOD warning signs along the outer perimeter which are outlined on the 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps of the area informing unauthorised civilians to keep out. The area is controlled by Byelaws and defined as a danger area. Live firing takes place most days on Sennybridge, and as the Epynt Way does not encroach on the Impact area the public can still use the Epynt Way ensuring they stay on the route which is clearly marked by waymarker throughout with 1.2 metre posts and finger posts at junctions with external paths.

Weather Conditions

Please ensure you wear suitable clothing and footwear for your day out on the Epynt Way as it is situated 300 m above sea level and in winter the area is often covered in hill fog, low cloud or snow, you are advised to check the daily forecast before setting off on your journey.