Route from 7 to 8 - Llandeilo’r Fan to Llywyn y Celyn (13km)

Energetic Walk 3 hours. Ride 1.75 – 3 hours. Three river crossings between high moors

This phase links the access point above Llandeilo’r Fan Bran with that at Llywyn y Celyn on the Yscir Fechan. It crosses varied terrain before traversing the Cilieni valley then climbing over a hill to make a woodland approach to the Nant Bran crossing. There follows a steep climb to a high boggy plateau adjoining common land, to descend to the next river crossing at Llywyn y Celyn.

From the Receptor Area near Black Hut – point 7A (SN 894351), proceed East across the slightly boggy fields, crossing a small stream. Follow the higher of two tracks along the contour, passing an old building and then descending to follow the track along the hillside before reaching a stream and climbing a muddy slope. Follow a track to the North then double back up along a hard track to reach a bridleway junction at point 7B (SN 900355).

Leave the boundary fence after a short distance to find a downhill track beside a wall leading to a ford. Turn sharp SE at point 7C (SN 906362) to follow the fence line straight downhill crossing an old wall. Continue on down to reach the Cilieni tarmac track at point 7D (SN 906362). Follow the track S for 100m to cross the river on a wooden sleeper bridge. The Cilieni Valley is a SSSI. Yellow flag irises grow in profusion at this spot.

After crossing the bridge, strike out across the field over a little hump to pass through a hedge, rounding above the tumulus and crossing a track to reach an ancient hedge and ford a small stream. Turn right and cross a small stream before veering left at point 7E (SN 920359) to avoid the fence line and begin the long climb up to the Druids Way Road that comes up across common (access) land to the South. Cut across from the boundary to point 7F (SN 924363) where the path skirts a plantation.

Head North from here to cross a small stream then follow an internal fence rounding the corner at point 7G (SN 926368), where the path drops down to a couple of fords. A sharp turn to NE brings you to a gate into a woodland track at point 7H (SN 929372). At the bottom of the path, the Nant Bran Bridge will come into view at point 7i (SN 932373). A short gentle climb up the opposite bank leads to the Blaen Dyryn track to Llanfihangel Nant Bran village. Cross the track through the hedge and climb steeply on the left of it. At the top of the hedge turn left to follow a fenced section along an old track. The fence is to protect the field below, rich in rare fungi. Continue via a bridle gate to approach the boundary fence, which is followed via another gate to reach a high point at 7J (SN944376).

The path heads 100m away from the boundary at this point to avoid a boggy section, turning back near a prominent thorn tree. The path skirts a tumulus, “Y Crug”, before meeting an external bridlepath at 7K (SN951379). This high path leads South to the Radnor Forest Ride at Cefn Bola-maen.

The Epynt Way continues to keep high with good views down over the live firing impact area. After crossing a boggy section with a culvert at Cwm Bach, the descent begins at 7L (SN959382), cutting across corners of the boundary to pass through fenced woodland, emerging near the ruin of Tan y Craig 7M (SN964382). Follow down to the left of the hedge to the Yscir Fechan Bridge at 7N (SN966383) and then climb the tree covered steep bank to Llwyn y Celyn.