Route from 3 to 4 - Maesyron to Tirabad by road (4km); alternative via Public Bridleways (6km)

Easy-Moderate Walk 1.5 hours. Ride 0.5 - 2 hours. Public Road

This short link follows a metalled road from the end of phase 2 at Maesyron to the start of phase 4 near Tirabad. It uses a minor road along the outside of the range boundary to avoid significant defensive positions and gun emplacements, before crossing the range briefly then passing through the village of Tirabad.

After crossing the bridge at Tirabad turn left at the T-junction SN 879414. Follow the road towards Cynghordy. The last building on the left is a chapel. An Epynt Way finger post will be found in the next turning on the left.

There is an alternative, longer route using public bridle ways and forest tracks. To enjoy this, turn N off the road at SN931374 and follow down the side of a forest block to reach gate onto a hard track near a farm SN893424. Head W from here and over a bridge beside a ford for horses to cross Afon Dulas SN888428. Keep W at an old barn across rough ground to reach a gate into the forest. Follow the forest track to arrive at a tarmac road. Turn left and follow the road to leave on the next forest track on the right. At a cross roads in forest SN 880430 turn L then fork L onto a narrower track Reach another hard track near the Tirabad residential centre, go through the gate opposite then down an old green lane, over a culvert to join the Cynghordy road opposite the chapel.

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