Route from 2 to 3 - Garth Road to Maesyron (10 km)

Moderate walk 3 hours. Ride 1 – 2 hours. Mainly hard tracks then forestry

This section of the permissive path runs inside the NW boundary of the training area between the Garth Road Viewing point located on the B4519 Upper Chapel to Garth Road and the hair pin bend on the Tirabad road near Maesyron. Limited parking is available at both ends.

The first section follows a flat well-defined track high along the ridge North of the Mabbions Way military road. The path then enters a hilly area of intensive forestry, mainly along little used tracks, before dropping steeply to a stream crossing then emerging onto a public road. Riders must avoid this final section by exiting early using the adjoining bridle way at point 2D.

From the Garth Road Viewing Point 2A (GR SN 963 466) proceed 3 km SW along the track that runs parallel to the Mabbions Way military road at a slightly lower contour. On no account should this road be crossed - it marks the boundary of the live firing area! The track occasionally dips down to deep runoff pools. These can be circumvented without leaving the track.

There are sweeping views to the North and occasional glimpses across the mountainous Epynt plateau to the Beacons in the South. At point 2B (GR SN 941 450) there is a monument to the construction of Mabbions Way by the Royal Engineers in 1947. The Epynt Way can be accessed here via two public rights of way: one from the village of Llangammarch Wells via a steep, heather lined bridleway and the other from Cwnch via a gentler slope.

After a further 0.8 km at point 2C (GR SN 937 443) leave Mabbions Way W down a forest track for 0.7 km to a junction with an ancient bridleway. Turn right to follow this down 0.4 km NW to join another forest track on the range boundary at point 2D (GR SN 927 448). Two more external bridleways join the path here: from Penrhiw and Esgair Annell.

Take the lower right hand fork here and follow this winding and undulating track for 1.5 km to reach a cross roads with the main track down from Mabbions Way at 2E (GR SN 919 438).

Follow this main track for a short distance to 2F (GR SN 918 437) then veer off down a rough track to the right around behind a forestry block then through a short forest ride to join another track at the range boundary 2G (GR SN 915 439) before going left back up to the main track at 2H (GR SN 913 438) after 0.6 km. Follow the main track for 0.4 km round a deep ravine.

Now at 2J (GR SN 913 432) leave the hard track to descend through a bridle gate and cut 0.7 km across an open grass sheepfold to the edge of another forest block, 2K (GR SN 908 433). From here, follow the range boundary 0.3 km downward.

After descending the steep slope through the larches you reach the mature conifer wood at SN908429. Follow the top edge of this wood to the end of the big trees where the path begins to descend. Turn sharp right (S) here to descend to the river alongside its tributary, crossing at the confluence and still heading S. This connects into the hard track leading to the ‘S’ bend on the public road above Maesyron at 2L (GR SN 907 430).

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