Route from 1 to 2 - Upper Chapel viewing point to Garth Road (16 km)

Energetic Walk 4.5 hours. Ride 2-4.5 hours. High Moorland. Links to Information Centre

This 16 km phase of the permissive path traverses high moorland around the NE corner of the Sennybridge Army Training Area (SENTA) between the Upper Chapel and the Garth Road Viewing points, both located on the B4519 Upper Chapel to Garth Road. Parking is available at both ends. It also has an easy link with the Disgwylfa Conservation Centre (GR SN 993 437) on the same road. Disgwylfa has toilet facilities for the disabled, an established short walk suitable for wheelchairs and another longer circular walk. Alternative routes for riders are indicated on the posts at points 1H, 1K& 1i.

From the lay-by 1A (SN 996 428), cross the road ignore the obvious track and follow the hedge line to reach the disabled viewpoint 1B (SN 999 437). This is the access point from Disgwylfa 0.8 km away via the disabled access path (path 2 – red markers). Now go up a rough track NE for 0.2 km 1C (SO 001 438) before turning E across open moorland for 1.5 km. There are a few boggy patches here and minor streams to step over. At 1D (SO 103 434) join a hard track (the Lyn Login track) continuing 1.0 km E over a hill adorned with a red flag and a triangulation point. Drop down to the junction of the main range road “The Concrete Road” and the B4520 Builth Road at 1E (SO 021 435). Turn sharp NW here following the boundary fence downhill to meet an access track coming in from the B4520 above the former Griffin Inn at Grid Ref SO 021 440. Then cross a flat area and a track before climbing slightly to approach the edge of the training area where it meets the unclassified public road below Blaen Bwch Farm 1F (SO 016 446). This is an exit route for riders who wish to avoid the ravine ahead and rejoin via Brynhynae.

Veer W here and follow the boundary fence for 0.6 km before coming through some woodland via 2 bridle gates. Turn N here and you soon traverse a steep sided ravine (riders may find it better to dismount and lead their horses across this), before regaining the range boundary to pass through another bridle gate into grassland. This section can sometimes be affected by intensive military activity as it is close to Defensive Positions. After 0.3 km you will join a hard track. Continue N for 1 km to reach a junction with the public footpath from Cefn Perfydd Isaf 1G (SO 013 463). Your path now turns broadly W keeping near the boundary fence for 3.5 km, at first across boggy land then through two bridle gates and dipping steeply down through a scenic dingle before reaching the Blaen Duhonw. Soon after this the way leaves the boundary fence to follow above the S bank of the river.

Walkers may wish to save 0.5 km by turning N at 1H (SN 983 465) down a slope, stepping across the stream to regain the bridleway via a steep sheep track 1J (SN 982 467). Riders should proceed by the longer route here to cross the stream at the ford 1i (SN 981 465) then turning NE towards 1J. The path soon turns N, following a contour for 0.5 km to reach a pair of deep ravines 1K (SN 981 472). Riders should circumvent these upstream whilst walkers can enjoy the scramble before turning NE following close to the boundary for 0.5 km to join the hard Warren track 1L (SN 983 474). After 0.5 km as the track bends W, continue to follow it for a further 1.5 km. Just past a junction on the left at 1M (SN 975 475) bear right off the track to follow the contour for 2 km to reach the Garth Road Viewing Point 1O (SN 963 466).

It is possible to make this a circular route by returning SE 5 km along the B 4519 public road.