Circular Route 4 - Epynt Way Circular Route No 4 (Merthyr Cynog)

From point 1 (SN 984375), the NW comer of the square at Merthyr Cynog, climb the well defined bridleway track NW for 1.3 km to cross the SENTA boundary at point 2 (SN 976383), passing a defunct sentry post (vedette) and the red flag to reach the Epynt Way at point 3 (SN 975386). Turn right at the junction, pass West behind a plantation, then follow the boundary fence gently downhill. As you reach the corner of the fence line at point 4 (SN 978391), the busy military road known as "Route 61" will come into view far below. This road marks the boundary of the live firing area. It must never be crossed. Continue downhill, leaving the fence to follow a stream down to another internal fence corner at point 5 ( SN 979392). Turn right here to head down across fields, crossing a small stream through a hedge line to reach a 12' gate beside the Yscir Fawr River at point 6 ( SN 982391).

This is where the path briefly leaves MOD land to avoid a live firing range. Make your way along the hedge line to reach a tarmac roadway, and then turn left to cross the river via Tir Bach Bridge. Continue along the roadway for approx 150m then move up the field and go through a bridle gate in the hedge line. Re-enter the training area behind the range warden's premises, via a further bridle gate across another stream - point 7 (SN 982395). Once inside the boundary, follow the hedge line up through two more bridle gates to ford the stream again. Follow the boundary fence all the way up to a gate at point 8 (SN 987398), leaving the Epynt Way route where it turns N.

Exit the training area here through a gate, following a broad track (probably an ancient drover’s road) South to descend past Bwlchyddyallt farm point 9 (SN 990388). A farm road then leads to the Upper Chapel to Merthyr Cynog road above Pont Yscir Fawr at point 10 (SN 992382). Turn right here and follow the road 1Km SW to return to your starting point.

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