Circular Route 2 - Epynt Way Circular Route 2 from Pant y Blodau plantation

This 8km bridle way route starts and ends on the back road from Builth Wells to Llangammarch Wells. It climbs to meet the Epynt Way, which it follows for 2 km before dropping gradually down to follow the road back. The total ascent is 210 m: Allow 2.5 hours walking time.

From point 1 (SN 989 500) proceed SW to enter the Pant y blodau plantation. Follow the way marks, gradually turning South up a rough winding track to reach a very unsuitable gate which has clearly been by passed by regular users. As you emerge from the woodland turn left (SE) at the last way marked post and follow the hard track down to join a metalled track at point 2 (SN 995 493) to reach a metalled road at point 3 (SN 996 491). Turn sharp right ((SW) here onto a rocky track following a fence line on the right through a metal gate then between high banks passing the house called Pen y Waun until you cross a stream at point 4 (SN 996 488) and emerge onto open ground.

Continue in a SW direction following the path round the contour of the hill for about 1.5 km and as the bracken appears on either side. Leave the path at a small ford to cross into the training area at point 5 (SN 987 480). Ignore the characteristic warning signs and red flag - they do not apply to the Epynt Way. Go through the gate and climb up to the four-way finger post on the hard Warren track. Spectacular views over the Irfon valley open up as you follow the track West for 1.5 km to the next finger post at point 6 (SN 976 477).

Leave the Epynt Way here to descend NW at first using a way marked feeder bridle path. Turn sharp right (NE) at point 7 (SN 976 477) descending more gently along a better defined track to arrive at the SENTA boundary gate at point 8 (SN 978 483). You should have passed well above a red flag. From here a track leads diagonally down to the left and reach a gate at point 9(SN 981 486). From here follow an increasingly steep and muddy track to reach a metal gate.

Continue straight on here to descend behind Esgair hir - do not turn right. Lower down the hill the track turns right to join the well defined drive way at point 10 (SN 982 490). Follow this bridleway down to the metalled road at point 11 (SN 983 493). Follow the road E for 2 km, passing Bwlch farm to arrive back at your starting point.

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