Welcome from the Chairman

The EPYNT WAY ASSOCIATION is grateful to the Ministry of Defence to be able to provide voluntary stewardship for the Epynt Way and for allowing the use of this interesting area for public access.

On behalf of the Epynt Way Association we are pleased to welcome walkers, horse riders and cyclists to the Epynt Way.

This permissive bridle path is entirely on land controlled by the Ministry of Defence and incorporates the Sennybridge Training Area. The Epynt Way follows a route which is close to the boundary of the Training Area and is about 50 miles long.

Important military training is carried out on a daily basis. Users of the Epynt Way are provided with safe access to the perimeter of this area. The route offers a variety of terrain and scenery whilst ensuring that military training and other activities can be carried out safely alongside it.

Much effort is put into the conservation of this unique Epynt environment and we ask that you contribute to this by respecting that environment.

For safety reasons, please always keep to the way marked path and keep be aware of any military activity in its proximity. Loud noises area frequently associated with the military training in the area. You may see articles of a military equipment whilst using the Epynt Way, please do not touch them. Observe any restrictions that are in place for your own safety. No camping is allowed on the Epynt way.

We hope that you will enjoy this interesting countryside.